High School Teachers in Ontario

High School Teachers, we know that finding co-op placements for 30+ students can be time-consuming and frustrating. By joining High School Co-ops, it allows you to find current and up to date employers and co-ordinate placements* with local businesses that have a desire to work with students in co-operative education programs across Ontario. Upon registering you will gain access to:
  • Names of organizations/companies within your local area
  • Location of each organization complete with google maps
  • Name of primary contact within each organization
  • Email address and phone number of primary contact
  • Co-op programs offered (e.g. Marketing, HR, Business, Trades, Arts, Healthcare, etc.)
  • Details on the number of available student placements and schedules/shifts (i.e. morning, afternoon, weekend, summer)
  • Details on whether this organization participates in programs such as OYAP or Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)
  • Access to the mobile app

Please register here:
Our Mobile App page to download the app

* Please note that it is not our respsonsibility to fully ensure the co-op placement meets your specific requirements as a co-operative education employer. It is still the responsibiity of the high school co-op teacher to go to the organization and see the facility. This site only provides organizations who are interested in having co-op students. Please see our disclaimer for full details.

Check out our message to teachers below.

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