Parents/Students in Ontario

As a high school student, the most important aspect of a co-op placement is that you enjoy not only where you are working, but what you are doing so that you can obtain the fullest educational experience possible. Parents, we know how difficult it can be for teachers to find a co-operative education placement that interests your child. Why not take control of that by locating a co-op placement* that works for all of you, thus allowing your teacher to simply secure the placement. By joining High School you have the opportunity to easily pinpoint organizations that are keen to participate in co-operative education programs. Upon joining this site you obtain access to:
  • Names of organizations/companies within your local area
  • Location of each organization complete with google maps
  • Co-op programs offered (e.g. Marketing, HR, Business, Trades, Arts, Healthcare, etc.)
  • Details on available schedules and/or shifts (i.e. morning, afternoon, weekend, summer)
  • Details on whether this organization participates in programs such as OYAP or Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)
  • Access to the mobile app

Please register online here:
Our Mobile App page to download the app here:

* Please note that it is the co-op teachers respsonsibility to secure the co-op placement for high school students. This site was designed only to pinpoint co-op organizations for high school students to then relay that information to their co-op teacher. Please do not try to place students without the consent of the co-op teacher. Please see our disclaimer for full details.

Check out our message to parents and students below.
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