As an organization within the community the desire to give back is often of major importance. Participating in a co-operative education program is an excellent way to not only give back, and find student workers, but also help to shape tomorrow's leaders. As an organization here are some of the many benefits to engaging in a co-op program:
  • Co-op student workers are an ideal source of manpower to help fill temporary human resource needs during staff leaves and to help complete short-term projects
  • Co-op programs offer year-round access to students
  • Employing co-op student workers can reduce future recruiting costs and aids in the vetting of students for future hiring of motivated and skilled employees
  • Co-op student workers can help create a bridge between the employer and academic institutions, and employers can provide valuable feedback about course curricula and content
  • Employing co-op student workers gives supervisors the opportunity to mentor bright and enthusiastic students, as well as the chance to take part in the training of tomorrow's leaders
  • The chance of receiving the Co-operative Education Tax Credit from the Government of Ontario. For more information on this click here: Co-op Education Tax Credit
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