About Us l Co-op Placements in Ontario

High School Co-ops is designed to be a one-stop site for parents, students, and teachers in finding current local businesses that are eager to involve students in cooperative education placements in Ontario. You will gain access to multiple businesses within your local area and obtain such necessary information as: company location and contact information, the number of available student placements at each company, participation in specialty programs such as OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) and SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major), possible schedules/shifts available (i.e. mornings, afternoons, weekends, full days, etc.), and pertinent information regarding on-site requirements (e.g. WHMIS training, criminal reference check, etc.).

The founder, Thoywell Hemmings, also currently is administrating a cooperative education program called Pursue at King's Christian Collegiate; thus, we as an organization understand the frustration in locating up-to-date, relevant, interesting, and advanced co-op placements for students. This site will not only ease the frustrations of teachers trying to find businesses that will take on high school students, but will also empower parents and students to choose the type of co-op placement they prefer and the organization in which they would like to work throughout the semester.

What is Our Vision?

To be the best resource for parents, students, and teachers in finding relevant and up-to-date cooperative education placements across Canada.

Our Mission?

Our mission is to find a cooperative education placement for every student, in every industry, in every geographical area. 

Check out our "About Us" message below to see our vision of cooperative education.
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